Our shipments arrive in Italy and throughout Europe

Shipments, both in Italy and abroad, are made ​​by courier, with delivery times of 24-48 h for Italy and 48-72h for the main European countries.

Shipments are made ​​predominantly from Tuesday to ensure delivery to the customer can be completed by Friday, to avoid stopping in the stores over the weekend.

The product is enclosed in its original packaging with the official information of labeling and traceability. The external packaging are designed to allow you to withstand shocks during transport, and to provide different levels of thermal shelf life depending on the product shipped.


To offer better service to the customer, our company has decided to apply minimum fixed costs of shipping the target 0-30 kg. Both the traditional shipments (without coolant if the outside temperature allows, for cheese and salami), controlled temperature (with ice gel, to roast vacuum packed) and sub-zero temperature (with dry ice, frozen for anolini and tortelli).

Below the shipping costs based on the areas of purchasing:

  • Shipping to Italy: 15,00€
  • Europe: 29,90€
  • USA: for shipping in the US contact us at and we will agree on the delivery mode. For shipments up to 30kg the price is about 350.00€