Meeting 2016


May 21 Saturday: tasting vegetarian specialties at the food, cut the shape with knives and tasting of Parmigiano 30 months at the dairy farm.

June 4 Saturday: gastronomy tasting beer and seafood paella, at the dairy farm will taste the Fleece, both fresh and fried, cut the shape with knives. Demonstration of dissossatura hams, 11.00.

Saturday, June 18: tasting of tortelli, pumpkin, raw ham at the deli, visit to cheese factory and tasting of Parmigiano Reggiano 48 months.

Saturday 29 September: prosecco tasting, tasting of Parmigiano Reggiano young, 12 months

Saturday 15 October: tasting lasagna with meat, vegetables and fish, accompanied by a tasting of typical Lambrusco the area. Tasting Parmigiano Reggiano 48 months.

Saturday 22 October: tasting red still wines, cutting Parmigiano Reggiano knives and taste.

November 12 tasting anolini filled with meat and meatless. At the dairy farm we will make a direct flame cooking (closed) of the cheese.